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HIntL: Bioinformatics

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Build your own MP3 Player - a nice tutorial

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
From the TechDesign.be pages:

The EchoMp3 is a  small MP3 player. It's cheap and of excellent quality. An MMC has only seven pins and is currently the cheapest flash memory on the market! SD cards supported!

Powered by a single AAA (HR03) 1V2 battery. Runs on a 18LF452 or 18LF458 at 20 MhZ.

Up to 256 kBps bitrate at 44,1 kHz supported. VBR may peak at 320 kBps. ID3 v2.3 tags supported.

Full user control (volume, track, pause, skip) with a micro joystick.

LCD contrast adjustable.

Real Time display of bitrate, sampling rate, elapsed time, songnumber, ...

Main Page: http://www.techdesign.be/projects.htm
MP3 player page: http://www.techdesign.be/projects/020/020.htm
KIT step-by-step construction guide: http://www.techdesign.be/projects/020/020_kit_howto.htm

Free images and visuals for your blog

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Masternewmedia.org has a nice article which points to sites where one
can get free images and visuals for ones own blog.

Check out : "Where to Find Free Images and Visuals for My Blog"

LearningPage: Quality learning material for kids


Learning Page provides a huge collection of professionally produced
instructional materials you can download and print. Lesson plans,
books, worksheets, and much more can be found on the site. Start by
checking out free samples

Registration is needed for full access to the site. Registration is free.

Pointers to "Computational Drug Discovery Course"

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
A nice set of Tutorials, notes, reviews about Drug Discovery can be found in the following links:

Practical II: Sequence Retrieval & Alignment
Pracltical II: Homology Modelling
Practical III part1a: Nuclear Receptor Functioning
Practical III part1b: Docking/Screening Tutorial
Practical III part2a: 2D Searching Tutorial
Practical III part2b: 3D Pharmacophore Searching Tutorial
Practical III part2c: ADME Tutorial
Practical III part3: CoMFA Tutorial
Practical IV part1a: Lead Optimization
Practical IV part1b: MD Tutorial
Practical IV part2: QM in Drug Design Tutorial

Background on the ERα receptor
Visualization of the ERα receptor
Multiple alignment of the ERα Receptor
Multiple alignment of the ERβ receptor

Auxiliary Files
Link to main Page

Thanks to
Course Director: Prof. Dr. Jacob de Vlieg Course Coordinator: Dr. G. Schaftenaar

Power Affirmations - free e-book, ePosters and more

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Check out

Free Downloads from Power Affirmations

  1. Free Power Affirmations E-Book - in PDF format. Over 70 pages (8 1/2 x 11), over 200 Power Affirmations.   Power Affirmations will help you achieve your goals.  Why?  Because they help you consistently focus your thoughts on your goals in a way that few tools can.

    There's also a chapter on a
    daily goals planning system called RAP that I developed for myself that changed my life.  The system is simple and can be used with virtually any existing daily time management system (e.g., Day timers, Franklin-Covey, etc.)--or even a plain notebook.

    I've included links to
    5 free surprise bonuses inside--including a link to a free full copy of "Unleashing the Ideavirus" in PDF format by best selling author Seth Godin.

  2. Free Power Affirmations ePosters - I have created a PDF file where all of the Power Affirmations (over 200) are on a separate page.  Now you can scroll through the Power Affirmations on your computer or print out specific pages to post so you can see them regularly.

  3. And More

DAYPOP - for BlogSphere watch

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Daypop is a nice place for keeping tract of important happenings in blog community

Main Page http://www.daypop.com/
Top 40 links that are popular with web loggers http://www.daypop.com/top/
Top WebLogs http://www.daypop.com/blogrank/
Top WebLog posts http://www.daypop.com/posts/

Homology Modeling: Concepts and Protocols

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
A nice notes about Homology modelling


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